Give me feedback..!

When I read the Happiness Project, I was surprised at its content. The book is rich with wisdom from the masses. It is a good book and although it did not have any life altering impact on me, I know of people who practice the Happiness Plan as a religion and have been doing really well –both emotionally and socially. 
When I dug around to learn how Gretchen Rubin came up with the content of her “oh this is common sense” book –The happiness project , I found out that she had used her website and Facebook fan page to collect user feedback on common themes and asked fans to send their heartwarming true stories about related topics. After reading the book, I also decided to followed her on Facebook, just to realize that I was added to her campaign army. I started getting regular updates and messages on “How do you manage your career and personal life ?” Now I am not sure if that is the title of her next book – but I gracefully exit the scene and returned to my useless misgivings on Facebook.

Why this recollection ? Hmm.. if Gretchen Rubin can publish a NY Timesbest-selling book based on content collected from her readers and fans on Facebook – I assumed that I will at least gather some insights into the next topic that I have wanted to write about since a while now – “Everyone has a story”.

Unfortunately all I got was three likes!(why likes ??) and two comments. One was thankfully a story and the other was a question back at me – “what is your story?”.. And so I gave up on Gretchen’s way and decided to write whatever I have so far. The article shall follow soon

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