Everyone has a story

At a TMT Industry social last Thursday I came across some very seasoned and successful consultants. They had immense amount of industry experience. And I was left to ponder over the thought – “If only I was born then – I would have witnessed the making of this industry.” Apart from this, I was focusing on identifying some common themes amongst the leaders I interacted with. All of them were smart, sharp, witty, confident and charming – and one more attribute that tied them together was that “Everyone had a unique story.”  And that made me think about how we all are busy writing the stories of our lives – each moment, each day.
It is not just enough to have a story. It better be a good one. A complete and successful one. An engaging one. And most importantly a coherent one. It must be a narrative of your life as seen by you and not what you want people to perceive of you. So it must be an honest one.

 I am also in transit, just like my Dad’s soul – in another parallel universe. And there are so many unexpected halts in my journey that it has become a rather interesting one. I cannot help but pause and ponder on the new meaning life is offering. I stop and reflect in the giant mirror of truth, every fact and every opinion that comes my way. And this sudden surge of reflecting on things internally makes me feel nourished.
My Dad had a complete,successful and coherent story. And the only way I can look at his demise – is that he completed his story and left in due time. He could have added more chapters to this book. But they would have probably been just reflections. His story is simple and yet so complete. I don’t want to write his story here – because that will be my perception. He knew his story well and he died in peace, knowing that the book is ready for publishing. Who am I to write his story?
About my story – I am writing it every day. Because each day we live, is a chapter. And each chapter better be complete in itself. So that, even if I had to die tomorrow, I would leave behind – a coherent successful, engaging, honest and complete story.

Some things are always left undone, but am I putting in my best to complete the narrative of each day? Am I doing enough to make my story complete? Am I living each day as if it was the last? Am I adding enough action and reflection in my life? Am I successful as a human? Am I taking a stand in matters I must? Am I voicing my concern when needed and taking action where required. Am I living my dreams? More importantly – am I dreaming? Am I stretching my limits?

Given that I have just begun to ask these questions – it is safe to assume that I am running behind schedule. It is probably incoherent to you right now. And the reason is my inability to translate my thoughts into meaningful and comprehensible sentences. But I cannot die with this inability. I must work on it every day and overcome it.
 But for today’s chapter – it is as good as complete because at least I wrote what I could.  

6 thoughts on “Everyone has a story

  1. ….but I cannot die with this inability. I must work on it every day and overcome it.

    …but for today’s chapter – it is as good as complete because at least I wrote what I could.

    i wish i had better to put these….thanks for this :).


  2. …you know sometimes I think of what will happen if I died today. I think of the impact of my death on my kids, my husband, my siblings and parents. This insecurity makes me love these people every single minute I am with them….just so my story is complete.


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