So far So Fun !

I commute to SF for work and I simply love it. For one, it will make me a little fashion conscious 😉 I don’t really need to browse through Banana Republic’s website to look up the latest trends – it is all right in front of me – walking the streets of San Francisco 

I love the beat at which this city runs. It is not as fast as NY – but it carries the same vibrance. I go to Fremont and Mission every day. A 42 min train ride to SF caltrain station followed by a brisk 20 min (1.5mile) walk. It feels fresh

and healthy. I play hide and seek with the sun – walking around buildings, taking routes that give me the view of the ocean – keeping pace as the roads go up and down. With my backpack on my shoulders and the gleam in my eyes – (the one that I had when I used to walk to 999 18th street, Denver) – the gleam is representative of happiness and contentment and in some ways gratitude – I reach my office and fun follows.

I must comment on how picturesque SF is. I wish I could carry my camera with me every day. There are artistic corners and clustered streets, hippies with funny hairdo and professional women dressed in Calvin Klein, wearing flip flops. There are more Peet’s than Starbucks. More fruit smoothie joints and less pizzerias. For an observer like me – the city is an overdose of diversity.

Work stays the same for me. Lots of resources I can utilize to enhance my career and as many events/groups and activities to get absorbed in. I am excited about some of the Women Initiatives. People who know me will chuckle – as if I needed an organization to prove my feminist side. I am also excited about some volunteering opportunities with United Way. Mostly my eyes shine with temptation when I look at some of the e-learning tools offered at my company. So much to learn! Yippee!!
I am reading a book these days – called The Power of Pull. It is written by some of the champions of my current firm. I wish to meet them some day: D For now – I will quote a paragraph from the book. This paragraph simply explains my acts in the social networking scene. I really liked the way it is phrased here –

“Those who truly thrive in Social Networks have a crucial talent for friendship, an open-hearted authenticity that shines through in their interactions with others. Perhaps more importantly, they have a passion for their endeavors that leads them to actively seek out and use social networks to declare what they love and to expand that passion through their encounters and relationships with people who share their passion.”

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