Trace Back – Seattle

So this has become the one stop shop for everything – movie reviews, book reviews and now itineraries. Featuring in this edition of itineraries is Seattle . Given that we had less than three weeks to plan, I think we did really well. 

We boarded the 8:00 am to Seattle from SJC. On-time arrival, hassle-free rental car check-in — and we were ready to explore Seattle. I made reservations for Sky City, atop the Space Needle two weeks in advance. Our lunch date was scheduled for 1:30pm. We were in the Seattle Center area at around 11:00 am and parked right at the corner of 5th Ave and Republican. A centrally located parking lot for $15 a day !!

Though we were not very tired, a coffee break was natural. The baristas gave us a Seattle Map that was really helpful. We headed to the Experience Music Project and got a combined ticket for EMP and Science Fiction Museum. There are some really cool exhibits at the EMP – esp the “IF VI WAS IX: Roots and Branches”, Guitar Gallery and Jimmi Hendrix exhibit. After a musical morning, we headed to Skycity for our lunch date.

The lunch is a “must do” – for $45 per person, a lavish three course meal with breathtaking views of Seattle. The restaurant revolves – and completes its cycle every 47 minutes. So you will have enough opportunity to click and absorb – and of course –  to eat. It was a WOW experience – especially if you are new to revolving restaurants. The lunch also gives you free access to the Observatory deck at the Space Needle. It is crowded – but, well you have seen all of it sitting in the restaurant so you can by-pass it.

After lunch, even though I wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep, we decided to finish our tour and head to the Science Fiction Museum. It was a great experience for someone who is into Sci-Fi. I was merely clicking Agam’s pics and playing with my G11. After the museums we headed for a walk towards Elliott Bay. We walked along Broad Street, towards Pier 70 – and a beautiful board walk followed. It was a charming evening. We spent some quiet time by the water – played with our respective cameras and then headed to search for a coffee shop at 7:00pm on a Saturday night. Believe it or not – they were all closed. 

Then we decided to head back to the hotel and check-in and call it a day. I knew once we entered the room, that it would be impossible to come out – just to grab dinner. So I ordered food from this random place called Thai of Wedgewood. They had the most spicy tom kha kai and basil chicken EVER ! We enjoyed our dinner and started planning the next day – a trip to Mt Rainier National Park. 

Day – 2 : I did not contribute to this planning at all. Agam was the lead on this one and he did a stupendous job. I was so impressed that I was going to award him a year load of Rajma Chawal – but well I did not want to pamper him too much. He stayed up and looked up the maps below which made it really easy for us. One word of advice – start your tour in the park from Sunrise Point and head towards Paradise. So begin from 410 E and then exit on to 7N.

Getting There

Getting Back
Inside the Park
We thoroughly enjoyed the drive, the views and the experience of driving over 300 miles in a day. On the way back we decided to hit downtown Seattle, Pike Place Market and the oldest Starbucks. After absorbing the glitter of the city and the old and weird Pike place market,  we wanted to grab some food – and realized we both were craving the Thai food from last night. So we raced back to the hotel and ordered the same menu from the same place and the same delivery guy delivered our meal. Satisfaction !

Day – 3 was designed to be a slow one. We wanted to sleep in late and enjoy the leisure. And so we did. We brewed a pot of coffee, took long showers and packed – and checked out. Then we headed to Pioneer Square – and parked right outside our first destination – Zeitgeist Coffee. Awesome morning latte with a harvest squash bread and we were all happy and content. We walked the Occidental Park, Water Falls Garden, Elliott Bay Cafe, and Grand Central Bakery, and then headed towards our final highlight of the trip – Sail Boat excursion. A 1.5 hr ride on a sail boat. It was an awesome experience. The company that conducts this tour is – Let’s go Sailing. A cup of Ivar’s chowder and a serving of fish and chips – and we were now ready to bid adieu to Seattle.

Only to come back again — some time soon. For more pics –

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