Deliver with a smile

At X's cafe, every morning there are two women serving the cash counter. They are also the ones that cut the fruit, arrange the food, make coffee and they stay until after lunch. One of them is younger than the other. She always wears a lovely smile on her face. She enjoys her job (as it seems) – she always initiates a chatter,  calls me Senorita and asks me if I want my coffee extra caliente. One look at her, and you will start feeling better about your day. 

The other one is a little older. She is usually grim. Don't get me wrong. She is not rude or impolite or slow. She does her job perfectly. It is just that she does not wear a smile everyday. And that makes all the difference to me. I always try to go to the younger one for my coffee. And I think the older one knows why.  
That is the theme this week – Delivery with a smile, always goes an extra mile. Just like I prefer to get my coffee from the woman with a smile – knowing that I will get the same end product from either one of them – a client always prefers project managers and delivery managers who serve with a smile. People who show enthusiasm towards the job at hand, knowing that it is not going to be an easy one – tend to be preferred over the grim looking – world is coming to an end type personas. I think it is common sense. But I don't understand why some PMs forget to smile.
I have a soft corner for baristas. I am extra nice to them since I know their deliverable makes and breaks my day 😛 I wish all clients thought like me – Lol

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