Movie Review : Cairo Time

As one of the reviewers writes, “It’s as refreshing as a glass of mint tea.” And, I wholeheartedly agree.

After Before Sunset , here comes a movie that keeps you on an observers edge. From the scenic locales of Cairo and Alexandria, to the chemistry between Patricia Clarkson and Alexander Siddig, to the almost sexist, yet courteous Egyptian culture – the movie is a well directed, very well scripted, equally well cinematographed, and most importantly – has the right cast.

Patricia’s well paused delivery , Siddig’s apt body language and his ability to emote with his eyes and facial expressions and just the silence between the two – adds so much charm to this movie. I loved Before Sunset – for its conversational element that keeps the viewers glued to see where it all ends – and after much wait – comes this movie, where Patricia and Siddig share some enviable moments (see here) with each other – in a love story without consequences.

At times hypnotic and mostly poetic, the pace of this movie, is not for the ones who admire “Fast and Furious”, but those few – who enjoy the poignance of silence and the meaning of unspoken words. It is correct to say that – though nothing really happens between the two characters, their story is nevertheless complete.

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