Common Wealth Drama 2010

Why is every one so pessimistic about the Common Wealth games ? Yes you can tell me to shut up because I am not seeing it all happen in front of my eyes – and I have no right to comment on the events and happenings – but really, who fed the phrase, “it will all fall like a pack of cards”, to the already soap-opera obsessed Indian public ?

You are hosting a very prestigious world event – called the Common Wealth Games. Can you just simply make sure that the sports fraternity that comes to your city, is well served, made comfortable and don’t feel distraught with the situations you all are facing every day on the roads? 
This negative vibes have really caught on – Read this Is Delhi ready for India’s Commonwealth Games? Not even close

I am ashamed of the scenario described above. But instead of simply placing the blame on the government, –  why don’t the institutions and individuals try to launch mini projects – like – employees using car pool for the duration of the event. Or may be allow work from home for organizations that are in a certain radius of the stadium. For that matter – aren’t schools already on a vacation – are kids being used as volunteers for events  ?They can be leveraged in activities like cleaning drives, or getting hostels ready for the teams from various nations. High time we put that population to some use.

I admit I am not very familiar with what all initiatives are in place – but all this seems so obvious to me sitting here in US – why cannot more people brainstorm such activities and HELP the government and make sure the pack of cards does not fall ?

When we win medals in these games, you will be the first one to fix your collars , why not show some commitment now – when it is most required ?

How about doing something about it – instead of sitting in our couches and listening to an idiot like Mani Shankar Aiyyar, say If the Commonwealth Games are successful, they will further organise Asian Games and other events… I will be happy if the Games are spoilt.”  Why was there no reaction to this statement ? I don’t want to go and play a sport in the country, whose leaders are a bunch of incompetent pests. Do you ?

Again it is easy for me to sit here and rant – but where does the  damn Rang De Basanti spirit – of taking things in our own hands, vanish , when it comes to events like these ?

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