Book Review : Disgrace

I just finished reading a powerful novel by J.M.Coetzee – Disgrace. The novel won a nobel prize in literature – and I am not surprised why. It is a short 215 paged novel, packed with lyrical descriptions and commentary on current rural Africa paired with some contrast drawn to the modern day urban Africa. The plot is layered. Stories are built upon each other, but with minimal overlaps in plot. But there is a coherence in the theme that weaves all these incidents and happenings in one strong and compelling tale. 
It seems as if this author really wants you to enjoy the plot, and does not take a lot of time in detailing the characters. I find such cut to the chase novels extremely engaging. Hence a bias towards Disgrace. The other novel I am reading right now is Winner Stands Alone, by Paulo Coelho – and as we all know Paulo is extremely good at making his characters come alive in your mind, as you read about them. Quite contrasting to Coetzee. 

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