Guilt Free Frapps !

What is Frappuccino synonymous to? Ummm for me it is synonymous to 500 calories. And to break this very myth – Starbucks has launched a line of lite frapps. Less than 150 calories of guilt packed in a tasty and lite drink – that can chill me in Los Angeles sun – Bliss! I am trying their Extra Coffee Caramel as I type and it is pretty good. With summer around the corner – this is just perfect timing to launch this line of drinks.

Some of the smartest minds work at marketing divisions of companies like – Starbucks and Apple. They have a knack of selling the mundane in a glamorous way and create a niche market for themselves. I know for sure that you cannot learn in a school – how to charm people with awesome marketing campaigns. So where do these marketing gurus learn from? What is their source of creativity? And how do you go about recruiting for such gurus? I mean it is easy to recruit them once they have proved themselves by launching a bunch of successful campaigns. But what if you are going to recruit a fresher out of college to work for your marketing team? 

The one thing I can think of is – Out of the box thinking. (Hint Hint.. consultants need that too… you cannot be a consultant if you apply the same fix to every problem..this is not coding – this is analysis). And I am sure there are many more.

Anyways, for now it is time to sip my Extra Coffee Caramel Lite Frapp – and thank the marketing gurus at Starbucks who hit it right with me this summer.

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