Why People Procrastinate ?

I found an interesting piece on procrastination. This topic is really close to my heart. Simply because I do not understand why people procrastinate. I do not procrastinate. Infact I suffer from the reverse of it. I want everything done at the moment it is presented. So I do not lag behind in anything. I know it sounds a lil competitive- but that is who I am. But I have studied this disease very closely and have also been a victim of its consequences many times.

So here we go….

a recent study conducted at University of Konstanz, in Germany reveals that the way in which a task is presented also influences when it gets done. It was recorded that those subjects who were presented with concrete tasks and information responded more promptly than did those who were asked to think in an abstract way. Moreover, almost all the students who had been prompted to think in concrete terms completed their tasks by the deadline while a very high percentage of subjects asked to think in abstract terms failed to respond at all.

Hence the study suggests that ,People procrastinate when asked to think in the abstract.

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